Our Showroom
Nestled in the prestigious Royal Exchange Arcade in Manchester, our exquisite showroom stands as a beacon of commitment to love and sustainability, adorned in the passionate shades of red and illuminated by the striking neon proclamation 'Forever Starts Now', presenting our unparalleled collection of ethical and sustainable diamond jewellery.

16 - 18 Royal Exchange Arcade, Manchester, M2 7EA 



0161 459 4163 

Opening Times 

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 5:30pm 

Sunday: CLOSED

Walk-ins always welcome, however in order to offer you the full Redz Diamonds experience we recommend that you book an appointment. This will allow our Diamond Specialists to ensure that your preferred settings and diamonds are available for you to view during your dedicated one hour time slot. 
Our Story
Redz Diamonds: The Ethical Brilliance Behind "Forever Starts Now" 

In the heart of Manchester, amidst the historic splendor of the Royal Exchange Arcade, a revolutionary vision came to life: Redz Diamonds. Founded on the principle that true beauty should not come at the earth's expense, Redz Diamonds emerged as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and ethical luxury in the world of fine jewellery. The inception of Redz Diamonds was driven by a simple yet profound realisation: the world needed a symbol of love that was as pure and untainted as the emotion itself. The traditional diamond industry, with its shadow of environmental and ethical concerns, could no longer suffice for those who dreamed of a better world. In response, Redz Diamonds vowed to redefine the essence of precious jewellery, making the commitment to exclusively offer lab-created diamonds. These diamonds, crafted with meticulous care and precision, embody the pinnacle of technological advancement and ethical responsibility.